Tool & Cutter Grinding Wheels

Vitrified Tool and Cutter Grinding Wheels

Tool Room and Cutter Wheels are used by manufacturing plant toolrooms for the maintenance and repair of Cutting Tools as well as the overall maintenance of the manufacturing plant.

The shape of the wheel used is determined by the shape, size, and accessibility of the part to be ground. When grinding peripheral cutters, cup wheels are used. Dish wheels are best for formed cutters. Most wheels are vitrified bond wheels used for dry applications. 

WA - White Premium Aluminum Oxide
Used when a good cutting action is needed on all steels. When a sharp corner or radius must be held, use fine grits combined with J or K hardness.

GC - Green Silicon Carbide
Used for non-ferrous metals such as cemented materials.

PA - Pink Aluminum Oxide
Used for high allow steel applications such as sharpening cutters, reamers and chisels.

AS3 - Ceramic Aluminum Oxide
Best used when heavy stock removal is necessary. They exceed standard wheels when grinding materials 50 Rockwell C and harder.

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