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AA Abrasives supplies a comprehensive range of coated abrasives and industrial abrasive products for all of your industrial abrasive needs. We stock the latest in Industrial Abrasive Products from Dynabrade, Metabo, Norton Abrasives, Walter Abrasives, CS Unitec, Standard Abrasives and Weiler Brush as well as our own AA Abrasives product lines.

  1. Sandpaper

    Sandpaper is available for sanding by hand and for use with power tools.

    Hand-sanding products allows for better control and gives you the ability to reach areas that a power tool cannot. Hand sand wood as final preparation for finishes and between finish coats. Sandpaper for hand sanding comes in various sizes including the widely popular 9 x 11 sanding sheet. You can use some sandpaper for both hand sanding and power sanding.

    Power-sanding products remove material quickly and efficiently. They are a good choice for getting rid of blemishes and for shaping and leveling wood. Power sanding is an effective method of preparing metal surfaces for paint. Sandpaper for power tools comes in sheets, discs and belts designed to fit specific power tools. 

    One way to determine which sandpaper will work best for a particular job is to know the abrasive materials and their properties.

    Commonly used manmade abrasives:

    • Aluminum oxide is a common sandpaper type that works on wood, plastic, metal and drywall. The particles break during sanding, constantly exposing new, sharp edges. Aluminum oxide sandpaper is long lasting, making it a popular choice for power sanding, but you can also use it for hand sanding.
    • Silicon carbide sandpaper removes material more quickly than aluminum oxide, but doesn't last as long. Use it on wood, plastic and metal for tasks such as rough sanding, paint or rust removal and sanding between coats when finishing. Use it on drywall to smooth joints. Silicon carbide products often have a waterproof backing that allows you to wet sand. Wet sanding uses liquid to lubricate the work surface, minimizing scratches. This technique also helps prevent the sandpaper from clogging with dust, removes loose abrasive particles and reduces airborne dust.
    • Zirconia alumina is suitable for wood, fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. You'll find it in the form of belts, pads and discs for power sanding. Like garnet and aluminum oxide, the particles break during use, maintaining sharp edges that remove material quickly. However, zirconia alumina lasts longer than aluminum oxide.

    Some papers use natural abrasives:

    • Garnet is good for hand sanding. It works well on raw wood — removing light scratches and preparing the surface for finishing. The abrasive particles break during use, providing new edges for removing material, but garnet sandpaper wears quickly.
    • Emery works for both hand sanding and power sanding metal. Use coarser grits to remove rust or paint and finer grits to polish. Emery sandpaper often has a cloth backing and is also known as emery cloth.
    • Crocus cloth is an abrasive sheet similar to sand paper or emery cloth but covered with a layer of very fine loose iron oxide particles also known as Jeweler’s Rouge rather than with bound grains of abrasive. It is intended for final metal and gemstone finishing.

    You may see sandpaper labeled closed-coat or open-coat. Closed-coat products feature abrasives covering all of the backing. This construction removes more material making it effective for hand sanding but can clog more quickly than open-coat products. Open-coat products have empty space on the backing, giving waste material room to accumulate without reducing performance. Since they don't clog as quickly, they are effective for power sanding. Additionally some abrasive paper products come with a stearate coating which can reduce loading.

    Good to Know

    Paper is a traditional backing for sandpaper, but you can also find cloth and film backing, which offer better durability. Unlike products with paper backing, you can use cloth-backed products are often water resistant and can be used for wet sanding.

    What is Grit?

    The grit number of an abrasive sanding product indicates the size of the abrasive particles. The lower the number, the larger the abrasive particles — they remove more material but create more noticeable scratches. A higher number indicates smaller particles, which don't remove as much material but leave a finer, more polished appearance. Sanding projects use several grit sizes, starting with lower-number grits and moving up the scale to finer, higher-number grits. Each higher grit removes scratches from the previous grit, creating an increasingly smooth surface.

    Grit size ranges from 24 for heavy material removal to 2000 and beyond for working with automotive finishes. Grit numbers between 60 and 220 will handle most household projects.

    The specific grit numbers you need vary by project and the material you're sanding, so follow the abrasive product manufacturer's recommendations. Below are some general guidelines:

    Grit numbers from 36 to 100 are good for removing material and work well with power sanders. Applications include:

    • Stripping away paint or varnish finishes
    • Removing rust on metals or flaws in wood
    • Leveling and shaping wood

    Grit numbers from 100 to 180 perform well with both hand sanding and power sanding, preparing bare surfaces for finishes. This range is good for:

    • Smoothing work pieces
    • Removing scratches
    • Final preparation for finishing

    Grit numbers from 180 to 320 work for finishing. Hand sanding is good for these applications:

    • Removing raised wood grain fibers
    • Scuffing between finish coats

    Have question? Email us at   and an abrasive specialist will get back to you and add relevant information to this page.

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  2. How To Use Resin Bond Mounted Points For Grinding

    Grinding applications require mounted points that have a perfect balance in terms of chip performance, intended surface finish and service life. In foundries and mold forming operations, the use of mounted points on straight grinders and flexible shafts is often the only method of getting to hard-to-reach parts on workpieces and simultaneously improving the surface.
    For best mounted point performance, always run the mounted point at the maximum allowable speed according to AnSI B7.1. 
    “W” shapes are best used for offhand and precision grinding of medium to heavy stock . The most commonly used mounted points are the A-1 Resin Bond Mounted Points, A-3 Resin Bond Mounted Points and the W220 Resin Bond Mounted Points.  AA Abrasives resin bonded mounted points are made of premium aluminum oxide and designed for a high RPM die grinders. They are excellent for weld removal on hard to reach areas on metal and stainless steel. 

    AA Abrasives resin bond mounted points are made from Aluminum Oxide, these mounted points come with a 1/4" shank.

    In the video below, a W220 resin bond mounted point is used on a Dynabrade 52678 Straight Line Extension Die Grinder to finish 304 stainless steel racks.

    If you are interested in A-1 or A-3 resin bond mounted points, please visit the appropriate link below - A-1 Mounted Points A-3 Mounted Points

    Visit our webstore to view our full line of abrasives and industrial power tools. Our webstore is open 24/7 and we are available by phone M-F 8 - 5 EST at 1-800-888-1802

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    Unmounted Flap Wheels are used for cleaning, blending, deburring and finishing on metal surfaces. AA Abrasives Unmounted Flap Wheels are made of quality Aluminum Oxide grain to provide consistent finishes.  Unmounted Flap Wheels in diameters from 3-1/2" to 12" are available on our website. Safe maximum RPM ratings are indicated on each flap wheel. 

    Unmounted Flap Wheels

    Max RPM
    40 Grit
    50 Grit
    60 Grit
    80 Grit
    100 Grit
    120 Grit
    150 Grit
    180 Grit
    240 Grit
    6 x 1 x 1
    6 x 1½ x 1
    6 x 2 x 1

    Click on the part number above for product details and ordering information.
    Other sizes and specs available - Visit our website for all Unmounted Flap Wheels
    Also available Mounted Flap Wheels with 1/4" Shank and Mounted Flap Wheels with 1/4"-20 stem
    Get a Quote for special make or bulk orders.

    These Unmounted Flap Wheels are designed for use on slow speed straight grinders like the 4500 RPM - .7 hp Dynabrade 13207 Dynastraight or bench grinders.

    The Dynabrade 13508 Dynastraight 4500 RPM - 1 hp has more horsepower, use with a slower RPM for a finer finish.

    AA Abrasives is an Authorized Dynabrade Distributor.
    Call to Speak to an Industrial Abrasives Specialist 1-800-888-1802.
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  4. Weiler Tiger Paw Flap Discs-Available at AA Abrasives

    Weiler Tiger Paw Flap Discs grind and finish in one step. Grind and finish in one step saving the operator time with no need to switch from grinding wheel to Resin Fiber Disc.  These flap discs are manufactured for aggressive performance and long life in heavy-duty applications like edge grinding. Weiler Tiger Paw discs are made of 100% zirconium grain for fast cutting with long life. These contaminant-free flap discs stand up to heavy pressure and high temperatures. Designed with a poly cotton cloth that provides superior grain retention the Weiler Tiger Paw lasts 30-40% longer than standard zirconia flap discs. In addition the phenolic design prevents backing from scratching the work piece.

    Choose from:
    Weiler Tiger Paw Discs Flat - Type 27
    discs come in 4” - 7” diameters with an arbor-hole of 5/8 or 7/8 or with a 5/8-11 threading.
    Weiler Tiger Paw Discs Angled- Type 29 model - available in your choice of  4” - 7” diameters with an arbor- hole range of 5/8 , 7/8 or with a 5/8-11 threading.
    AA Abrasives, Inc. also carries Weiler Tiger Paw discs in Super High Density. The Weiler Tiger Paw XHD Discs feature thicker and larger flaps with 40% more material than the standard. These flap discs conform to curved and irregular shapes while producing a consistent finish. These XHD Weiler Tiger Paw discs are designed for extended life and conformability in heavy-duty applications. XHD discs come  in either 4-1/2” or 7” with both a 7/8 and 5/8-11 arbor- hole only. The 7” flap disc is only available in 40 or 60 grit while the 4-1/2” is available in 36, 40, 60 or 80 grit.
    These flap discs offer a high rate of stock removal in demanding applications. Popular uses for the Tiger Paw disc line include pipe beveling, edge chamfering, weld blending, grinding, deburring, stock removal, surface finishing and blending.  AA Abrasives is an authorized distributor of wire brush and abrasives manufactured by Weiler. Tiger Paw Discs are made in the USA.
    Questions? Call to speak to a technical abrasives applications specialist1-800-888-1802.
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  5. 6 x 48 Abrasive Sanding Belts - Material Facts

    AA Abrasives, Inc. carries abrasive sanding belts for metal and wood finishing applications. We are featuring the 6x48 Sanding Belt  - AA Abrasives sanding belts are for use with belt sanders like the Kalamazoo S6M Belt Sander  and other bench style belt sanders and belt/disc sanders.

    AA Abrasives premium zirconia and aluminum oxide abrasive belts deliver sharp and durable performance. Resin bond anchors the abrasive to the backing for longer belt life. The abrasive belts feature bi-directional, high-strength butt joints that can be run in either direction increasing the total service life of the belt. Our high quality abrasive belts are for wood, metal and heavy stock removal. AA Abrasives sanding belts are made from the finest quality materials for long life and are manufactured in the USA.

    AA Abrasives has a full line of heavy-duty cloth-backed abrasive belts in stock. One of the best 6 x 48 sanding belts we supply is a self-sharpening 36 Grit zirconia aluminum abrasive belt.  This premium zirconia alumina abrasive belt for metal delivers sharp and durable performance. The premium grade zirconia alumina breaks away in use to expose new sharp edges. The abrasive is bonded to the Y-weight polyester backing with industrial strength proprietary resins in a closed coat arrangement to allow maximum stock removal. A closed coated abrasive belt is one that has 100% grain coverage.  Heavy Y-weight polyester backing is tear resistant and tracks consistently.

    The two most popular Aluminum Oxide abrasive belts in 6x48 are the 6 x 48 Sanding Belt in 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Premium  and the 6 x 48 Sanding Belt in 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Premium. The premium aluminum oxide abrasive belts cut fast and perform well on all grains of woods  as well as other surfaces. AA Abrasives belts have a closed coat construction making them ideal for deburring or producing a grain pattern in metalworking. The closed coat construction provides improved finishes on harder woods. Y-weight poly-cotton backing makes a good general purpose belt for dry sanding applications. The resin bond of this sanding belt withstands high heat and pressure for longer service life.

    For polishing applications AA Abrasives, Inc. carries a full range of preparation and conditioning abrasive belts in 6” wide x 48” long such as the 6 x 48 Medium Surface Conditioning Belt. These non-woven nylon belts have a scrim reinforcement for extra strength and an abrasive resin bond which polishes and deburrs metal surfaces. They are available in coarse, medium, and fine.

    For a complete break down of the abrasive sanding belt materials we carry and the application that best suits them visit our Sanding Belt Information Page.

    AA Abrasives, Inc. is a distributor for several manufacturers lines of 6x48 abrasive belts. This includes but is not limited to:
    Visit our webstore to view our full line of abrasives and industrial power tools. Our webstore is open 24/7 and we are available by phone M-F 8 - 5 EST at 1-800-888-1802

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  6. How to Read a Grinding Wheel Spec

    Diameter of grinding wheel x Thickness of grinding wheel x size of arbor hole -
    We will reference the AA Abrasives #60397 - 12x2x1-1/4 Pedestal Grinding Wheel T-1 Vitrified A36 - from our Vitrified Bonded Grinding Wheel Series.
    12=Diameter x 2=Thickness x 1-1/4=Arbor Hole

    *Note that the arbor hole can be bushed down meaning a bushing may be inserted in the arbor hole to reduce the size of the arbor hole.

    What does the rest of the description mean after the size?

    T-1 means the grinding wheel is flat. This is also referred to as a Type 1 Grinding Wheel or a straight toolroom wheel;
    Vitrified is the bonding of grinding wheel;
    A36 - A means it is an aluminum oxide grinding wheel and the 36 means the grinding wheel is composed of a medium grain size also known as grit.  See the grain size chart below.
    A/O  also means aluminum oxide;
    RPM is the Revolutions Per Minute or Maximum Operating Speed  - not all specifications will show this. The tool, the grinding wheel and application must be in agreement to ensure safe operation.

    Grinding Wheel Specification Sheet

    Grain Size/Grit:
    Coarse: 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 24
    Medium: 30, 36, 46, 54, 60
    Fine: 80, 100, 120, 150, 180
    Soft: B, D, E, F, G, H
    Med:  I, J, K, L, M, N
    Hard: O, P, Q, R, S, T
    V- Vitrified
    B- Resin
    B2: Resin Bonded
    BF: Reinforced Resin
    Grain Types:
    A- Dark Aluminum Oxide – Most common grain. Used for Heavy Duty General Purpose
    AS3- 20% Ceramic Aluminum Oxide, 30% Pink Grain, 50% White Grain. Excellent for form and corner holding.
    AZ- Blue Aluminum Oxide- Grinds fast with excellent cool cutting action and requires minimal dressing.
    RA- Red Aluminum Oxide (Ruby)- Harder grain and sharper than PA & AZ wheels good for steels with high level chromium
    PA- Pink Aluminum Oxide- General Purpose Grain that is tough but friable. Tool Room sharpening applications.
    WA- White Aluminum Oxide- Highly friable grain for fast cool cutting. Good for light grinding on all steels particularly on tool and die steels.
    GC- Green Silicon Carbide- very friable use for carbide grinding applications.
    AA Abrasives carries its own line of Grinding Wheels.  We are also an authorized distributor of Norton Grinding Wheels
    Visit our webstore to view our full line of abrasives and industrial power tools. Our webstore is open 24/7 and we are available by phone M-F 8:30 - 5 EST at 1-800-888-1802.
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  7. What is an Abrasive Flap Disc?

    An abrasive flap disc can help you grind and finish metal surfaces with one tool attachment. Flap discs grind like a depressed center wheel and finish like a fiber sanding disc – helping you reduce process time and lower your total grinding costs.  

    Technically speaking, Type 27 Flat flap discs have a flat flap design and provide the best finish. These tend to be the most popular and commonly used. Type 27 Flap Discs are used primarily on flat surfaces they grind at flatter angles 0° to 15°.
    Type 29 Conical flap discs are the more aggressive choice, with flaps angled at 10°. The angle provides greater surface contact. A Type 29 flap disc can be used on both irregular and flat surfaces and grinds at steep angles 15° to 25°.
    Choose an angled flap disc-Type 29 for faster stock removal. An angled edge can be used with a vertical or horizontal grinder. And with the angled edge, more of the abrasive disc contacts the metal surface, helping you strip and finish in less time.
    Flap discs are most commonly used on right angle grinders and vertical shaft portable grinders. You may be using a tool like the Walter 30A161 4-1/2" Right Angle Grinder or a Dynabrade 53232 Vertical Depressed Center Wheel Grinder.
    We only offer high quality flap discs because we have found that poor quality flap discs on the market tend to “chatter” during the grinding process and generate vibrations.  This can result in the grit pulling away from the mounting prematurely giving you irregular grinding, poor grinding capacity, short service life and potential flap tearing. AA Abrasives Flap Discs are made with premium zirconia alumina grain on a phenolic backing.  Zirconia-alumina is best for medium- to heavy-material removal. The grains constantly fracture to produce new sharp edges. Flap discs made from zirconia-alumina are commonly used on carbon steels, aerospace alloys, nickel alloys, aluminum, cast iron, forgings and some stainless steels. These flap discs are made in the USA.
    If you use flap discs - try our high quality flap disc line.  Our most popular flap discs are the Zirconium in 4-1/2" and 7" with a 7/8" arbor hole. 

    AA Abrasives Zirk Flap Discs with 7/8" Arbor Hole
    51417 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 7/8" Type 27 TruZirk 36 Grit
    51435 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 7/8" Type 27 TruZirk 60 Grit
    51441 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 7/8" Type 27 TruZirk 80 Grit

    51501 - Flap Discs 7" x 7/8" Type 27 TruZirk 36 Grit
    51519 - Flap Discs 7" x 7/8" Type 27 TruZirk 60 Grit
    51525 - Flap Discs 7" x 7/8" Type 27 TruZirk 80 Grit
    51155 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 7/8" Type 29 Zirk 36 Grit
    51173 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 7/8" Type 29 Zirk 60 Grit
    51179 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 7/8" Type 29 Zirk 80 Grit
    51239 - Flap Discs 7" x 7/8" Type 29 Zirk 36 Grit
    51257 - Flap Discs 7" x 7/8" Type 29 Zirk 60 Grit
    51263 - Flap Discs 7" x 7/8" Type 29 Zirk 80 Grit
    A 5/8"-11 arbor hole on a flap disc offers quick mounting and unmounting on angle grinders. If you have need for flap discs with a 5/8-11 arbor hole
    AA Abrasives Zirc Flap Discs with a 5/8"-11 Arbor Hole
    52381 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 5/8-11 Type 27 Zirc 36 Grit
    52399 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 5/8-11 Type 27 Zirc 60 Grit
    52465 - Flap Discs 7" x 5/8-11 Type 27 Zirc 36 Grit
    52483 - Flap Discs 7" x 5/8-11 Type 27 Zirc 60 Grit
    52161 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 5/8-11 Type 29 Zirc 36 Grit
    52179 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 5/8-11 Type 29 Zirc 60 Grit
    52185 - Flap Discs 4-1/2" x 5/8-11 Type 29 Zirc 80 Grit
    52245 - Flap Discs 7" x 5/8-11 Type 29 Zirc 36 Grit
    52263 - Flap Discs 7" x 5/8-11 Type 29 Zirc 60 Grit

    We also offer Premium Ceramic Flap Discs if needed.

    Visit our webstore to view our full line of abrasives and industrial power tools. Our webstore is open 24/7 and we are available by phone M-F 8 - 5 EST at 1-800-888-1802

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  8. AA Abrasives Distributor of Metabo Abrasives and Power Tools

    AA Abrasives, Inc. carries Power Tools and abrasives from Metabo. We are a full line distributor for Metabo Power Tools carrying quality power tools designed by German Engineering. Metabo’s power tools provide long service life. Metabo Drills are engineered to meet industrial manufacturing demands. Metabo Angle Grinders are built using the latest technology.

    In addition, AA Abrasives, Inc. recently acquired a large supply of Metabo abrasive products that can now be offered at the lowest cost anywhere. Supplies are limited. 
    Here is a listing of some products we are offering:
    • Metabo Abrasives 616347119 - SOLD OUT 6"x4-3/4"x2"x5/8"-11 ZA16T Cup grinding wheel Type 11. These high quality cup grinding wheels are made of aluminum oxide for general purpose grinding and are ideal for grinding steel and other ferrous metals. High stock removal. Good wheel life.
    • Metabo Abrasives 616760000 - 7x1/4x7/8 A36M - Grinding Wheel For Aluminum Type 27 Item # 616760000. These aluminum oxide wheels are for general purpose use and can be used on steel and other ferrous metals.  Excellent rate of cut. Good wheel life.
    • Metabo Abrasives 616795000 - 7x1/8x7/8 ZA24T - Cutting Wheel For Steel - Stainless Steel Type 27 Item # 616795000. These cutting wheels are made of zirconia alumina and are ideal for steel and stainless steel applications. Very aggressive stock removal. Extremely long wheel life.
    • Metabo Abrasives 656379000 - SOLD OUT 7x7/8 ZA36 Flap Disc - For Steel - Stainless Steel Item # 656379000. These flap discs are made with a zirconia alumina grain that delivers extremely long life with very aggressive stock removal offering excellent blending capabilities.
    • Metabo Abrasives 656367000 - 9"x7/8" ZA50 Resin Fiber Sanding Disc Closed Coat Abrasive Disc Item # 656367000 is a very aggressive closed coat sanding discs perfect for stock removal on steel, stainless steel and other metal applications. Metabo abrasives extremely long life resin fiber sanding disc is also available in #60 grit Metabo Abrasives 656368000 .
    • Metabo Abrasives 655379000 - 3"x1"x1/4"sk A120 grit Flap Wheel Item # 655379000 this tough but flexible aluminum oxide resin bond flap wheel is designed for many abrasives applications such as deburring, finishing, polishing and cleaning.
    • Metabo Abrasives 655795000 - 7x1/8x5/8-11 ZA24T - Cutting Wheel For Steel - Stainless Steel Item # 655795000 Pipeline these aluminum oxide general purpose wheels are ideal for use on steel and other ferrous metals. Extremely long wheel life. Feature Applications- Steel/Stainless Steel and pipelining also available in 9”  Metabo Abrasives 655796000 - 9x1/8x5/8-11 ZA24T.
    • Metabo Abrasives 655610000 - SOLD OUT 7x1/4x5/8-11 A36O - Grinding Wheel For Stainless Steel and Steel Item # 655610000 these aluminum wheels are specially formulated for harder metals such as stainless steel. Good stock removal. Good wheel life. Also available in the 9” size Metabo Abrasives 655622000 9x1/4x5/8-11 A36O -Grinding Wheel For Stainless Steel and Steel Item # 655622000.
    You may also be interested in AA Abrasives Resin Fiber Sanding Discs or AA Abrasives TruZirc Flap Discs. We offer a full range of sizes and grits.

    Visit our webstore to view our full line of abrasives and industrial power tools. Our webstore is open 24/7 and we are available by phone M-F 8 - 5 EST at 1-800-888-1802

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  9. Walter Abrasives 07Q 953 Quick-step Trial Pack - Metal Surface Finishing System

    AA Abrasives presents Walter 07-Q 953 Quick Step Trial Pack Metal Surface Finishing System as the answer to all your finishing needs from welding, to blending, to achieving a #8 mirror finish. The Walter Quick Step Trial Pack gives you a collection of abrasive discs and polishing discs that will blend and polish surfaces from #3 finish all the way to a #8 mirror finish quickly and efficiently.
    The cost effective Walter 07-Q 953 Quick Step Trial Pack includes:
    • 1 Backing Pad, 
    • 1 Flap Disc - 120 grit,
    • 9 Blendex discs - 1 extra coarse, 2 coarse, 3 medium, 2 fine and 1 super fine,
    • 1 felt disc,
    • 1 high polish disc,
    • 1 mini white paste,
    • 1 mini blue paste.
    The backing pad fits any variable speed tool with a 5/8"-11 threaded arbor but is only available for 4-1/2" diameter discs. The benefits of the Walter 07-Q 953 Quick Step Trial Pack are that it is cost effective, produces highly refined finishes, removes minor scratches and can produce a mirror finish. This is an excellent introduction to Walter’s Quick-Step finishing system and an excellent add-on for a variable speed grinder.

    Recommended for use with the Walter30-A 265 Big-Buff III. The Walter 30-A 265 Big Buff III is designed to work optimally with the Walter Quick Step System.
    The Walter 30-A 265 Big-Buff III is also available as a kit. The Walter 30-A 267 Big Buff III Kit includes the Big Buff III, carrying case, 1 2-in-1 disc 4 ½”, 1 BLENDEX U Cup disc 4 ½”, 1 Quick-Step backing pad 4 ½”, 2 QUICK-STEP flap discs – 40 grit and 60 grit, 3 medium BLENDEX discs, 1 FX disc, 2 felt discs – 1 regular, 1 high polish, 1 white polishing paste, 1 blue polishing paste.

    AA Abrasives carries a full line of products from WalterSurface Technologies. Our webstore is open 24/7.
    Call AA Abrasives to speak to a technical abrasives applications specialist 1-800-888-1802
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  10. Dynabrade Dynorbital Random Orbital Sanders available at aaabrasives.com

    Dynabrade Random Orbital Sanders have an innovative, lightweight design that exceeds the expectations of customers. Dynabrade makes one of the highest quality abrasive power tools made in the USA. Used in hundreds of industrial applications, these sanders are great for finishing a wide variety of materials.  AA Abrasives, Inc. is a leading distributor of Dynabrade products.
    Today in the Abrasives-Sandpaper Blog we are looking at the air powered Dynabrade Dynorbital Random Orbital Sander Series – their orbit patterns and their features.
    Both the spinning of the sanding disc and the movement of the disc in an elliptical pattern ensure that no single part of the abrasive material moves in the same path twice, producing a random orbital motion. This unique sanding action is designed so that there are no perceivable swirl marks on the work surface. The diagram below illustrates the diameter orbit patterns and usage recommendations. All of the Dynabrade Dynorbitals are available in your choice of 3/8”, 3/16” or 3/32” diameter orbits. There is an aggressive 3/8” orbit, a 3/16” orbit for general sanding and a 3/32” orbit that is recommended for fine sanding in light to medium applications.
    The D3 Random Orbital Sander series is comprised of:
    1. The Dynabrade Dynorbital Supreme and
    2. The Dynabrade Dynorbital Spirit.
    1. The Dynabrade Dynorbital Supreme 56815  is a cornerstone of the orbital sander series. It features the highest RPM in the industry while working on a work surface. The Dynabrade Dynorbital Supreme line features a perfectly balanced low profile, premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad for both smoother operator performance and minimum vibration. This line of random orbital sanders features a refined ergonomic tool grip to reduce fatigue and increase efficiency with a more comfortable grip.
    2. The Dynabrade Dynorbital-Spirit Random Orbital series is lightest tool in the series and is ideal for vertical and contoured applications.  The Spirit series features a compact grip size - a reduction of 5% from other models in the series for operators with smaller hands. The Dynorbital-Spirit models feature the perfectly balanced weight-mated sanding pad for smoother performance and minimal vibration. The Dynabrade Dynorbital-Spirit 59020 Non-Vacuum sander is a good choice.
    So in review, if you need...
    …a random orbital sander for heavy aggressive sanding the Dynorbital Supreme would be recommended.
    …a random orbital sander for vertical or contoured sanding applications the Dynorbital Spirit would be recommended.
    All of these Dynabrade Dynorbitals are available with a pad diameter of 3 inch, 5 inch or 6 inch depending on the surface you need to sand. All Dynabrade Dynorbitals are available in Non-Vacuum, Self-Generated or Central Vacuum models.
    If you have any further questions about applications or tools please give us a call at 
    1-800-888-1802. We are available Monday through Friday 8-5 EST to help with your application needs.
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